I currently work at the Institut für Philosophie of the Universität Bonn. My main research interests lie in the philosophy of language, in epistemology, and in the philosophy of logic. You can find out more about my research in the works and talks section, where I uploaded some of my papers and slides. Information about my classes can be found in the teaching section. In case you wish to contact me, please send me an email.


I will present some joint work on logical pluralism and the normativity of logic with Filippo Ferrari at a meeting of the "Pluralisms Global Research Network" this December in Bologna, Italy. I will also talk about logical pluralism in Aachen in January next year.

In March 2017 we will host a workshop on "Pluralisms. Methodology, Motivations, and Interconnections" here in Bonn. I organize it togehter with Dorothee Schmitt, Filippo Ferrari, and Matthias Rolffs. The German research foundation (DFG) is kind enough to fund it.

I am very happy that I will be able to spend more time working on these topics on a research leave funded by the DFG starting next year. I am looking forward to working with Graham Priest in New York and with Gillian Russell in Chapel Hill.

Apart from that I keep working on context-sensitivity and I am excited to be part of the newly founded research network on "The semantics and metasemantics of context-sensitive language" (also funded by the DFG). There will be six workshops on the topic over the next three years. I'll post some more detail soon.

This winter I teach an m.a. seminar on the philosophy of logic and a b.a. course on non-classical logic.

last update: 15.12.2016